Thanks for the Memories

Here at Memolane, we’ve had an amazing two years helping people see, search and share all of their social media content from across the web. Our goal was to make it exciting to relive great adventures with friends. We are proud that we could bring joy to people’s lives by sending out daily emails with fun memories from the past. As well, it has been a thrill to share in the excitement when one of our fans rediscovers a precious moment that was once lost.

Today we want to share the exciting news that our team is joining another company that will utilize the Memolane features in an expanded way, adding more value to all the great memories captured on social media.

Unfortunately this also means that we will be shutting down the service. Your account with Memolane and all its content will be deleted on Friday Feb. 22th 2013. Please note that Memolane only aggregates content so all of your social media memories will still be available on the existing social media services you use.

As well, if you love receiving your daily MemoMail, there are other services which you can use, such as Timehop. JoliCloud also offers a service for accessing all your social media. Check it out!

Since our launch almost three years ago at StartupWeekend CPH 2010, we have seen continued innovation around our vision of rediscovering great memories. With the launch of Facebook Timeline we saw the ultimate validation of our vision.

If you feeling a bit nostalgic then you can read all about how it all started. Also, feel free to send us a message on Twitter or Facebook. Also check out our FAQs post for more information.

Finally, we would like to share a word of heartfelt thanks with our loyal users, partners and our incredible team. We cannot thank you enough for all of your support, feedback, and warm wishes over the years.

And as always…

Keep making great memories, thanks for being part of ours!
Eric, Nikolaj and the Memolane Team


February 21 / 2013
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What’s happening to Memolane?

The Memolane service will be closing on February 22nd. Until then, you will still have access to all of your social media memories. However, if you would like to personally delete your own content, feel free to login and go to the “notifications page”. Otherwise, on February 22nd we will be deleting all Memolane accounts and data.

Why did you decide to shut down?
This was a difficult decision for us. We’ve had an amazing two years helping people see, search and share all of their social media content from across the web. Our goal was to make it exciting to relive great adventures with friends. We are proud that we could bring joy to people’s lives by sending out daily emails with fun memories from the past. It has been a thrill to share in the excitement when our fans rediscover a precious moment that was once lost. We decided to shut down Memolane because our team is joining another company that will utilize the Memolane features in an expanded way, adding more value to all the great memories captured on social media.

How do I download my data?
Although we do not offer a way to download your Memolane data, you could check out Jolicloud, another great service.

What happens to my information on Memolane after February 22nd?
All user content and data will be completely deleted from our servers. You will no longer have access to your lanes or memos after February 22nd. Once again, if you are looking for a social media storage service, please check out Jolicloud.

Will I still receive my daily emails featuring old memories?
You will no longer be receiving Memolane emails. If you enjoyed our MemoMail service then you will probably enjoy Timehop, another daily email service. Once again, thank you for always expressing your support for our daily emails.

I’m using Memolane on my site, what should I do?
You’ll need to remove any embeds you are using on your site by February 22nd. After that date, the links will no longer work.

February 21 / 2013
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Vanessa Blaylock Shares Her Love of Memolane

This week we are lucky to have guest blogger, Vanessa Blaylock, share her love of Memolane. She is the Managing Editor at iRez: The Virtual Identity Salon, and is a virtual performance artist whose work explores identity and civil rights for avatars.

I already forget how long I’ve been using Memolane! It’s been great. I thought I was signing up for the nice way they created an integrated timeline of my content across many different media, a timeline that could be shared with anyone. I discovered that while the timeline is awesome, what I really love even more is the optional daily email reminding me of what I’ve done in the past! Monday’s email might be whatever I was working on 3 months ago or 3 years ago! It’s a great experience to be reminded of past achievements, nudged to finish things that you got distracted from, and to share all of that on Twitter or Facebook with just a click.

Speaking of past events, in April 2009 I was somewhat unexpectedly invited by Esparanza Freese at Kansas State University to contribute a virtual performance artwork to their exhibition “Collecting Artists” in the virtual world of Second Life. The result, “VB01 – Girl Next Door,” was a 9 avatar performance that brought “typists” from different countries around the globe all together in a single virtual “place.”

Three years and 40 performances later, Vaneeesa Blaylock / Company recently performed “VB41 – Rock the Casbah” at Gallery Xue, another virtual exhibition space.

Along the way we’ve generated videos on YouTube, pix on Flickr, lots of Tweets and Facebook status updates, the occasional Plurk or Blogger or Tumblr post, and 667 posts at our virtual salon (blog)

Meanwhile that blog has evolved from myself as a single author posting performance documents to a “salon” with about a dozen principal authors and about 2 dozen guest authors. Having generated so much content on so many different platforms over the past 3 years, I was excited to hear about Memolane.

iRez recently moved those 3 years and 667 posts worth of performance works and meditations on identity and other topics to One of the first things I’ve discovered with our new WP Engine site is that, yay, we can embed stuff!

What’s one of the coolest things you can embed in a blog post? You can probably guess from the title of this post that it’s a Memolane custom “lane.” A “lane” is really just a slice through your giant content repository: you might do a video one with just your Vimeo and YouTube uploads or you might do one with custom search terms or a specific date range you want to showcase. When you’re strolling my “All My Memories” Lane you can get stranded in many screens of Flickr images, so I love being able to make an “Everything except Flickr” lane, which is a nice survey of our projects and activities. And now we can embed any of these Lanes in our blog posts – you can’t beat that!

Tweet Vanessa Blaylock @vaneeesa for more information about iRez

October 22 / 2012
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Stellar Memolane Updates

We’ve done it again…we’ve come up with some stellar Memolane updates that we hope you’ll enjoy.

Explore Bar
Our team created an epic explore bar to enable our favorite guilty pleasure…following our friends and people we admire. Now you can stay up to date on everything your friends do with Memolane! You can also follow your favorite lanes that you find and store them on your profile page. We can’t wait to see all the great things you discover!

Here are some lanes you’ll love!

Quiz Mail
We decided to shake up our usual MemoMail by peppering in a few quizzes to test your memory superpowers. The results from the mails were extremely impressive, and as Yoda would say, “the force is strong with this one”. We also wanted to thank a few fans who were huge supporters. Here are their stellar reviews of the QuizMail:

To-Do List
Another great feature we added was our To-Do List. There are 5 easy tasks to help you unlock the real power of Memolane. Have fun checking off these items!


With all these new improvements it is important for us to hear what YOU think. If you have any suggestions or feedback please share it with, she loves talking with fans!

Keep making great memories!
-your friends at Memolane

September 12 / 2012
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Perfecting Pinterest: an interview with Carrie McGann

Source: via Amit on Pinterest


During the last few months a number of our Memolane fans have requested that we support Pinterest. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this service, it is basically a virtual pinboard where you can organize craft ideas, recipes, and your favorite inspirational pictures found on the web.

One of our fans, Carrie McGann, has in fact found a way to elegantly display her curated Pinterest boards using Memolane. I was lucky enough to speak with her about how she was able to create stunning lanes. Think your Pinterest board is good enough to be featured on Memolane? Find out how and get all the pointers from Carrie in our interview below:

Thanks Carrie for taking the time to share your Pinterest knowledge with us. I’m sure that it will inspire  a large number of Memolane fans. Why don’t you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?

I am currently a licenced real estate agent in California and also a freelance photographer and graphic designer. My background is in sales and marketing, I was with Coca-Cola for much of my career.  The excellent insights from those experiences are something I’ll always have.  Now my focus is creating effective visuals and strategies for those I serve. The ways we connect with people is always evolving, especially with social media. My creativity is inspired by seeing new trends, meeting new people and helping those who want to learn.

Carrie,  you have a lot of followers on Flickr and you mentioned that how we connect with people is always evolving. How and when did you become interested in using community networks to connect with other people?

Flickr was my first social network. I first heard of Flickr back in 2004 as I was visiting a site called Daypop.  Daypop was a current events index that would crawl sites for news bursts and trends. On Daypop, I saw a night shot of the neon at Tower Theater in Sacramento [by Tom Spaulding] and I just had to click to find out more! It brought me to Flickr and I thought it was the greatest thing. Once I joined Flickr, it opened up a whole new aspect of photography. Through its community, I’ve met so many wonderful people. I was looking for Coke pictures one day and discovered a photographer who lived right behind me when I was in college, another guy whose kids went to the same elementary school as I did, and a lady who went to college with my mother in the 50′s.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest


It seems like Flickr really created a great community of photographers. Did you meet anyone inspiring?

One of the friends I met on Flickr was Takahiro Yamamoto. I met him while I was doing a fundraiser on Flickr for Japan Quake and Tsunami Relief in March 2011. I admired his work and his comments were always delightful. He had started using G+ and I signed up not long after.  At the end of 2011, he announced he was going to curate the Creative366Project and I was all in! It was Takahiro that brought Memolane to my attention as he created a lane for the Creative366Project. It is wonderful to see everyone’s photos for the Creative366Project automatically refreshed every day in its special lane!

For those of you that don’t know, the Creative366 Project is a group that promises to post something “creative” each day of the year. Carrie, have you created any of your own groups on Flickr?

One of the first people to ever comment on one of my photos sent me an invite to a group about beaches around the world. I thought if I started some groups myself and selected some photos, it would be a way to organize pictures I liked, share them with others and meet new people. A little over a year ago, while searching for photos that would be a good fit for the groups on Flickr, I was noticing that more of the ones I liked were taken with an iPhone.  So I converted one of my slower groups and called it “Amazing iPhoneography“. It’s gone from 3 members to 10,000 and growing!

The iPhoneography album seems to have gained a lot of traction within the Flickr community. It also seems like your inspiration to collect Flickr photos and put them in a group is exactly what Pinterest now allows you to do. Was this the initial appeal of Pinterest?

I was an early adopter of Pinterest as I thought it would be a good extension of what I was already doing on Flickr with the groups. On Flickr, there are “Favorites” groups for the best photos in my Color Escape and DazzlePix groups. Every week, whenever possible, the favorites are selected and invited into the groups. Being shareable is not a requirement for a photo being chosen for the groups, the shareable ones are the ones that will also be seen on Pinterest. With Pinterest, the best of the best are organized by color or theme.

What inspired you to add Pinterest to your Memolane?

It was the ability to add RSS feeds on Memolane. On Pinterest, I have a board called Daily Eye Candy. I like starting out my day with something positive!  With Pinterest, it’s easy to make any board an RSS feed just by adding the letters “rss” after the backslash at the end of the URL for that board. One of the best things about Memolane is that you can create a unique lane for something specific. Then choose [content] from any of the various social networks and/or an RSS feed to be displayed in that lane. It’s so nice to be able to see RSS feeds visually rather than as a list.  And speaking of starting out my day with something uplifting, I really enjoy the Memomail each morning with my memories from one or two years ago!

In your opinion, what aspects of Memolane are the most vital for showing off your pins from Pinterest?

Anything that can be shown off needs a community for it to be successful! Being able to interact and to share is vital. On Memolane, if I like a ‘memo’, I can fave it and/or comment on it.  Maybe I haven’t seen it before or maybe I have if they are on a network I’m also on. If I’ve come across something that I like, it’s good to let the person who posted it know and that helps build community.

Memolane gives us a whole new way to look at things all in one place.

It’s easy to share a lane to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, by email or you can even embed a lane into a WordPress blog.

What do you think it is about Pinterest that makes it intriguing?

When you look at people’s Pinterest boards, it tells a lot about them.  Maybe even more than a written profile.  If you have a brand, it can give a glimpse of what your brand stands for. I wanted to make sure that my Pinterest boards would have quality photography and be something that people would enjoy visiting.

Do you have any advice for Pinterest fanatics that want to use Memolane?

Pinterest is an unstoppable force and there are a lot of fanatics!  People are really having fun with it in their own ways.  The beauty of Memolane is that you can create a lane with customized input from the social networks you are a part of and combine it with RSS feed from sites you are interested in. Once a lane is set up, the rest is automatic.  Everything appears without it being a time consuming process. My advice would be to take a chance, be creative and enjoy it!

Where can the Memolane community find out more about your Pinterest boards and curated lanes?

You can find me on Pinterest here.

My curated lanes on Memolane are here: All My Memories and Daily Candy

If you think your Pinterest lane is just as good as Carrie’s then email and share your link. Who knows, you might be the next Pinterest superstar featured on Memolane!

August 23 / 2012

A Slideshow of your Memories

For the past few weeks the Memolane team has been cooking up some stunning redesigns. We gave you guys a sneak peak recently when we released the “small memos”.  Showing content on an embedded lane is more beautiful than ever : )

What we are even more excited to show you is our expanded memo, which is our version of a slideshow for your memories. Your Flickr, Picasa, and Facebook photos are more crisp than ever and your videos can be viewed on an even larger screen. You can clearly see the improvement here:




The ability to favorite your friends’ content and commenting on great memories is also more intuitive. We have a new system that lets you share your thoughts on Memolane and post them to Facebook. Now you won’t miss out on what your friends are saying or doing!

We also have more ways to favorite a memo. You can like it on Facebook, +1 it, or even tweet it. Awesome right?

This expanded memo redesign and new liking and commenting system will make excited to share your latest adventures with friends.

Enjoy your trip down Memory Lane!
-your friends at Memolane


August 21 / 2012
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Crowd-Sourcing the 2012 Olympic Experience

At Memolane, we had the crazy idea that we should crowd-source the Olympic media coverage. We thought it would be bloody brilliant to get Olympic fans who are either in London or watching from afar to share their photos, videos, and posts. Essentially we want to engage the world-wide audience. Intriguing, right? Here’s how you can:

  • First and foremost, you must join Memolane. Don’t worry it is free and only takes two simple steps. 1) Use a simple Facebook connect or sign-up with your email address 2) Link all your favorite social media services
  • Find the lane “London Olympics” where you can add your content. Click “follow”.
Screen Shot 2012-08-06 at 11.15.15 AM
  • Next choose your content that you would like to post to the “London Olympic” lane. Click on the small memos (social media content) to enlarge. Click the “+” button located on the bottom left side. [NOTE: your content must be public if you are posting it to a lane]

  • Select the “London Olympic” lane to post your content. Click “add” to add your memo to the lane. It will say “added”. Click out of the boxes. [NOTE: If you haven't followed the lane yet, you won't be able to add your content ]

Now you have successfully helped crowd-source the Olympic experience! If you want to add more than one memo then repeat the steps above.

We’d love to know what you think about this new form of crowd-sourcing media. Post your comments here or reach out to us at Remember, crowd-sourcing only works if you share this with everyone you know! So make sure to share this blog post with all your friends and start contributing to the movement today!

Keep on making great memories,
-your friends at Memolane

July 27 / 2012
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Memolane’s Marvelous Mobile

Last week was wicked awesome. I ran into Sarah, an old friend of mine, and we started talking about a Jack Johnson concert that we went to five years ago. We were extremely lucky and were able to snag front row seats (i.e. we got there 3 hrs ahead of time for general admission).

The best part about our impromptu rendezvous was that we could relive all those great moments with the MemoSearch app. This handy app lets you look up people, places, and keywords. All we did was type in the keyword “Jack” and BAM! we were immediately transported to that amazing day (don’t judge the ’07 photo quality).

The other marvelous part about the MemoSearch app is that I could show Sarah photos of a Jack Johnson concert that I went to in 2010.

These memories were just as easy to find because I had already used the keyword “Jack”. MemoSearch pulled all my memories of every Jack Johnson concert I had ever been too. This no-brainer search tool totally knocked Sarah’s socks off.

Since Sarah was so impressed with MemoSearch, I showed her the MemoShake. I like to describe this app as the Magic-8-Ball of reliving your favorite adventures. Just shake your phone and the MemoShake will become your digital time-machine, taking you on a trip down Memory Lane. It is pretty trippy what the MemoShake will pull up…basically really old memories. Be prepared to have a great time : )

You can check out the MemoSearch and the MemoShake apps by visiting our entirely new mobile page on Memolane.


July 25 / 2012
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WordPress Plug-in for Memolane Embedded

Want to show off all your social media content in one, unified place on your WordPress blog? We also wanted to, which is why we worked with the wonderful people at WordPress to make a short code for embedding possible. Now you can embed your Memolane stories into posts, pages, and text widgets.

Check out a few online examples of websites with an embedded Memolane:

Iration (story of the band’s tour)
Dog is Dead (the band’s time machine)
Swarthmore University, Peace and Conflict Studies (they keep their student’s informed)

Or follow along with our step-by-step guide here:

1) Find “Plug-ins” on the left hand toolbar and click “add new”. Here you can search for the Memolane plug-in by typing in “Memolane”.

2) To begin the install process click “install” in the upper right hand corner. You can also install the plug-in by uploading the zip file on this panel or unzipping the contents into the appropriate plug-ins folder.

3) Once the plug-in has been successfully installed, click “activate plug-in” located under the Memolane plug-in in the main plug-in page.

4) The Memolane plug-in should now be visible on the left side of the toolbar. Click on “Memolane” and then click on “add new”.

5) You will be presented with a screen that asks for your lane details and modification options. We suggest that before completing this process you should log into your Memolane account and review the lane you wish to embed.

5a) Select the lane you wish to embed on within your account. Review the selected filters to make sure that it contains all your desired content. You can always go back and edit these settings once you have embedded the lane.

6) Return to the Memolane plug-in page.

7) After you are content with the lane content and filters, fill out the desired lane specifics: username and lane title.

8) Next set your size parameters for the embedded lane. Give your lane enough space to show off your wonderful content! A lane that is 200 px by 200px will look cramped and too small.

9) Choose the color you want for the background and border. You can set both to transparent if you want it to easily blend in with your website. The options are endless!

10) Click “save” to capture all of your parameters

11) Copy the short code that will appear at the bottom of the parameter page.

12) Paste the short code into your WordPress blog.

13) Share with friends (and us)!

We’ve been amazed by all of the clever ways that people have been using Memolane, so if you do something really cool, send us a shout out at , and we might feature your use of an embedded memolane on our site.

Tips for Embedding

Check the privacy settings of the memos on the lane you want to embed. When a lane is embedded, it will only show public content. This means that if you embed a lane with “private” or “friends only” content, this will not show up in the embedded lane.

July 17 / 2012

We don’t all live in London

Not located in Greenwich, the village outside of London? Funny, neither are we. Now you can set your own time zone preferences for your memos. Here’s how:

Find the dropdown tab in the top right corner,

then click on .

You will be directed to this page

Click on “International” to set your time zone preferences.

You will be presented with a list of all the time zones. Select your time zone.

Click “Save”.

Voilà! Now your memos should be in the correct time zone.

If you are still unhappy with what date your memos are set to, you can always manually set the date. See “How can I change the date of a memo?” for further explanations.


July 12 / 2012
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