Sitting here at my computer listening to my favorite Diana Krall tunes brings back great memories of when I saw her perform live in July of this year. This is what Memolane is all about – re-living great memories, sharing them with friends, and making history together.

Today we are increasingly active on the web using great tools like Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, Foursquare etc., and sharing more and more of our lives with friends and family.  Much of this social sharing emphasizes “now” “now” “now” updates that disappear from feeds and walls in a matter of minutes and hours. What if we could easily capture all of it and present it on a simple navigable timeline? Memolane is your time machine for the web. You can view photos, videos, music, tweets, blogs, check-ins, events and much more. Use your Memolane timeline to travel back through your life with just one click, and if you have an evaporating memory like mine, you can search all your online life in one place, making it easy to re-live great memories. And best of all, your friends can enjoy these moments through your eyes, ears, and mind.

So let’s go back to where it all started.

It was a rainy Friday afternoon in April. I had been working hard all week, helping another great startup Tradeshift to get off the ground, and was eager to get home to the family. However, startup evangelist Alex Farcet had introduced me to Clint Nelsen and his Startup Weekend initiative a few months before, and I had decided to participate. So I pulled myself together, and rushed out of the office to join Startup Weekend Copenhagen. The idea was to invest one minute of my life pitching this simple idea and see what happened.  In the worst-case scenario I would be heading home to the family much earlier.

Well it did not go as I might have anticipated, people loved my idea, I got a skilled team together to help me build a prototype over the weekend, and on Sunday, after pitching to a jury of great entrepreneurs and angel investors, we won! Amazing.

Two days later I was in London sitting in front of Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström, two of my former colleagues from Skype, and Mattias Ljungman, managing partner of Atomico. Still high from the weekend’s “startup drug”, I showed Memolane to them. The feedback was great! Two days later I quit my job, yet again jumping off the “startup” cliff and kick-starting the formation of Memolane.

Even the best idea can fail if you do not have the right team. I am fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing team who share my passion for Memolane .

Let me first highlight my two co-founders Harry Vangberg and Nikolaj Hald Nielsen. Harry is an impressive young talent at age 21, who operates like an old pro when tuning our backend engines for F1 racing. Nikolaj is our fix-it-all open source master who doesn’t take “no” for an answer. He has defied gravity many times by coming up with an amazing solution for our many service integrations. Best of all, the rest of the team, Cody Lindley (The JQuery “Dude”), Aubrey Johnson (great designs 24/7) and Meghan Krane (Let’s just do it!) are an amazing combination of creativity, stamina, experience and great passion. Most importantly – we are having a great deal of fun working together, though waterskiing and bowling are not Harry’s favorite activities.

The team have worked long and hard to make Memolane a great first experience, however we are in beta and you may experience some bumps on the road when navigating down your Memolane. In the next few months we will gradually open up the gates to more users and continue to add great features.

On behalf of the entire Memolane team, we hope you will enjoy your trip down Memolane.


One timeline, a million memories.