Here at Memolane we do not claim to be first with a timeline concept, but we do think that time is the perfect tool to organize social media. What you see pass through your social media applications every day is the tip of the iceberg. Memolane takes a dive with our users to show them what is under the surface, exposing the entire volume of content they have been creating since the beginning of social media. Our community tells us again and again that they love seeing all of their great memories captured over time, in one place, where they can edit them into the stories of their lives, careers, bands, organizations and businesses

From the beginning we wanted to delight our community, allowing them to capture the life as they live it, gathering all their great moments and turning those great moments into everlasting memories. Now Facebook has awoken to the promise of the timeline to organize and give structure to the vast amount of content that is being produced on its graph every day. There is no doubt in my mind that introducing Timeline was a smart move on the part of Facebook. I am thrilled to see such an influential leader in social media validate the concept underlying Memolane.

Memolane has supported Facebook since our beginning, and we have continued to grow our supported services to reflect the breadth and depth of the social media marketplace. Memolane embraces the diversified world of social media. We aim to become the timeline of your life where you can make stories from the content that you create across a multitude of social graphs. We know from our community that while many of them are active on Facebook, they are also using a multitude of other social services as well. Across the world our users have requested that we add support for more than sixty new services to Memolane.

The world of social media is constantly in flux, and Memolane is here to provide a platform where anyone can create a social media timeline of the services that they use, when, where, and how they use them with the option to share that story with everyone, no one, and any combination in between. 

We want Memolane to help individuals, brands, artists, and organisations to liberate their social media content and present it in a beautiful interface embedded on their own site to share with their communities. This is why Universal Music, Atlantic Records, and many others are working with us. 

As we continue to move forward at Memolane, we draw on lessons from our own stories. When I worked for Skype they were not the first company to create VOIP, still they managed to make the complex simple with a fantastic offering, “the world can talk for free.” Our goal is not to become Facebook, or any other social network, but to provide a place where the larger social media community can create visual timelines that tell the stories of their lives, across services, across time, across boundaries.

- Eric

CEO of Memolane