If you’ve been enjoying the “Sh*T People Say” meme, we wanted to share with you an easy way to discover all the related videos and social media updates at one place through Memolane’s “Sh*T People Say” lane.

What can you do with the “Sh*T People Say” lane?
Discover all the videos and related social media posts in one place – You can easily see, search and share some of our favorite “Sh*T People Say” videos out there.
See the progression of the meme – With posts dating back to March 31, 2011, we are able to track the progression of the meme through our searchable, visual timeline.
Like and comment on any video or tweet – Tell us which videos are your favorites by clicking on the heart icon to like them and leaving a comment.
Interested in a particular topic? We’ve segmented the videos into various topics of interest such as technology or work and hobbies (see full list below).

We’ve started building the “Sh*T People Say” lane but we need your help. There are more than 600 videos out there and we’d like to invite you to help us select the best of the “Sh*T People Say” videos and tweets by liking them on Memolane. We’ll be counting up the likes and comments to create a lane of the best of the meme.

Here’s how to get started:

1) Go to www.memolane.com and create your own Memolane account
2) Go to the Explore Page in your Memolane navigation bar and click on the “Sh*T People Say” lane
3) Like and comment on all of your favorite videos and tweets

Looking for videos on a specific topic? check out all the different sub-categories:

Technology: Videos about developers, social media professionals, graphic designers, etc.

Work and Hobbies: Videos about occupations and hobbies like running, cycling, teaching, surfing, etc.

Girls: Videos about what women or girls say

Guys: Videos about what men and boys say

Politics: Videos about political parties, candidates, and politicians

Regional: Videos about locations such as San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York

Parents: Videos about all types of parents from the perspective of their children

Students: Videos about Sorority and Fraternity members, college freshmen, medical students, etc.

People: Videos about what one group of people says to another group of people

If we’re missing one of your favorite videos, send us a link to the video at @Memolane, and we’ll add it to the lane.


Team Memolane