We’ve been working on some exciting new things here at Memolane.

1) We have created a nifty new email reminder that goes back in time on your lanes and sends you a snapshot of your past that we call MemoMail. We’ve been testing it with a small group of users before rolling it out to the entire Memolane community. There has been a really great response so far, and we are working on further improvements. Please share your ideas and feedback about MemoMail in our support forum.

[View the story “MemoMail Feedback” on Storify]

2) Then we went and added support for Facebook Connect to make signing up and logging in that much easier. You can find more detailed information about how Facebook Connect works for current users of Memolane in our Knowledge Base.

3) For the web savvy among you, we have also created a little widget that will generate the code you need to embed any lane on your own website or blog. The mini lane below is an example of an embedded lane, and you can see an even more rad one on Iration’s Tour Page.

4) Do you use an Android phone? We are sending out beta invites to our new Android app. Sign up at m.memolane.com.

If you live in Japan, then today is your lucky day, because you can get our app without an invite from KDDI’s au Smart Pass Market.


The Memolane Team