When our CEO Eric Lagier first had the idea for Memolane, it was primarily to create a tool that he could use to look back at the history of his family. He and his wife Chloe take a lot of photos of their daughters with their iphones and share them with each other and their extened family through Flickr and Instagram.

Eric envisioned creating lanes with Chloe for each of their girls, so that friends and relatives could watch them grow on Memolane no matter how near or far they live. Memolane is about making memories easy to find and easy to share, and we’re happy to announce that now you can create lanes around keywords.

Memolane’s keyword lane filter allows you to filter a lane based on keywords contained in the titles and descriptions of your memos. Just enter the keywords, hit enter, and finish editing your lane and you will see a collection of memos that only contain those keywords.

You can see Eric’s Family Lane below

To learn more about the new keyword lane filter check out our support article.