We’re excited to welcome Google+ into the family of services that we support on Memolane. There has been a lot of interest in our forums to see Google+ added to Memolane, and the wait is finally over.

Google+ works a bit differently than some of our other service integrations. When you add Google+ to your Memolane profile you will be able to see only the text posts, images, and locations you have marked as “public” on Google+.

We hope to offer more content with other privacy settings in the future, but the Google+ API only makes content that has been shared publicly in this way available at the moment.

You can check out a great example of a Google+ lane from Robert Scoble below:

We look forward to seeing how you will use Google+ to create memories from all of your favorite moments. If you are missing something from our Google+ integration, please let us know – we’re always keen to improve Memolane.