Wouldn’t it be wicked cool if you could create a lane of all your favorite summer memories? Wait, wouldn’t it be even cooler if you could create a lane where both you and your friends rediscover your favorite summer memories together? No worries because Memolane has got you covered.

Today we released a simplified website that makes reliving those hot summer nights even easier. If you want to create a “My Summer Memories” lane all you have to do is sign up at memolane.com, choose from seventeen popular social media services, and then type in keywords like “summer”, “camping”, or “beach”.

You can make the lane even more awesome by adding your friends as lane contributors and exploring those summer memories together.

…the value-added features of being able to create stories with friends really sets [Memolane] apart. - The Next Web

The ability to link lanes with friends, create stories, and rediscover memories together makes Memolane popular among social media users. Icons use Memolane to reinvigorate their fans and followers by engaging them with social media blasts located in a unified lane or embedded on their personal website. Don’t worry, Memolane isn’t just for rock stars and athletes to enjoy. Everyone from teens to grandmothers love rediscovering and sharing their memories in a straightforward way.

We have come a long way since the initial launch of Memolane. We are focused on helping our users rediscover their favorite memories in fun and engaging ways. In addition to Memolane.com, we have launched MemoMail that makes it easy for our users to relive their best memories they shared across any of the most popular social media services. – Eric Lagier, co-founder of Memolane

MemoMail is a favorite service among Memolane users that sends out daily and weekly highlights of previously posted content from user lanes. Now you can wake up and enjoy a social media blast from the past. If you are pleasantly surprised or completely shocked by your MemoMail you can share it with friends on Facebook or Twitter. MemoMail is currently being sent out to more than half of our user-base on a daily basis and continues getting rave reviews.

We are thrilled to provide a product that allows our users to remember great moments in a visually stunning way.

We hope to bring even more wonderful memories to your attention with our added keyword search and new design. Let us know what you think by tweeting and using #NewMemo.

Keep on rediscovering great memories!
-Memolane Team