Want to show off all your social media content in one, unified place on your WordPress blog? We also wanted to, which is why we worked with the wonderful people at WordPress to make a short code for embedding possible. Now you can embed your Memolane stories into WordPress.com posts, pages, and text widgets.

Check out a few online examples of websites with an embedded Memolane:

Iration (story of the band’s tour)
Dog is Dead (the band’s time machine)
Swarthmore University, Peace and Conflict Studies (they keep their student’s informed)

Or follow along with our step-by-step guide here:

1) Find “Plug-ins” on the left hand toolbar and click “add new”. Here you can search for the Memolane plug-in by typing in “Memolane”.

2) To begin the install process click “install” in the upper right hand corner. You can also install the plug-in by uploading the zip file on this panel or unzipping the contents into the appropriate plug-ins folder.

3) Once the plug-in has been successfully installed, click “activate plug-in” located under the Memolane plug-in in the main plug-in page.

4) The Memolane plug-in should now be visible on the left side of the toolbar. Click on “Memolane” and then click on “add new”.

5) You will be presented with a screen that asks for your lane details and modification options. We suggest that before completing this process you should log into your Memolane account and review the lane you wish to embed.

5a) Select the lane you wish to embed on Memolane.com within your account. Review the selected filters to make sure that it contains all your desired content. You can always go back and edit these settings once you have embedded the lane.

6) Return to the Memolane plug-in page.

7) After you are content with the lane content and filters, fill out the desired lane specifics: username and lane title.

8) Next set your size parameters for the embedded lane. Give your lane enough space to show off your wonderful content! A lane that is 200 px by 200px will look cramped and too small.

9) Choose the color you want for the background and border. You can set both to transparent if you want it to easily blend in with your website. The options are endless!

10) Click “save” to capture all of your parameters

11) Copy the short code that will appear at the bottom of the parameter page.

12) Paste the short code into your WordPress blog.

13) Share with friends (and us)!

We’ve been amazed by all of the clever ways that people have been using Memolane, so if you do something really cool, send us a shout out at marketing@memolane.com , and we might feature your use of an embedded memolane on our site.

Tips for Embedding

Check the privacy settings of the memos on the lane you want to embed. When a lane is embedded, it will only show public content. This means that if you embed a lane with “private” or “friends only” content, this will not show up in the embedded lane.