At Memolane, we had the crazy idea that we should crowd-source the Olympic media coverage. We thought it would be bloody brilliant to get Olympic fans who are either in London or watching from afar to share their photos, videos, and posts. Essentially we want to engage the world-wide audience. Intriguing, right? Here’s how you can:

  • First and foremost, you must join Memolane. Don’t worry it is free and only takes two simple steps. 1) Use a simple Facebook connect or sign-up with your email address 2) Link all your favorite social media services
  • Find the lane “London Olympics” where you can add your content. Click “follow”.
Screen Shot 2012-08-06 at 11.15.15 AM
  • Next choose your content that you would like to post to the “London Olympic” lane. Click on the small memos (social media content) to enlarge. Click the “+” button located on the bottom left side. [NOTE: your content must be public if you are posting it to a lane]

  • Select the “London Olympic” lane to post your content. Click “add” to add your memo to the lane. It will say “added”. Click out of the boxes. [NOTE: If you haven't followed the lane yet, you won't be able to add your content ]

Now you have successfully helped crowd-source the Olympic experience! If you want to add more than one memo then repeat the steps above.

We’d love to know what you think about this new form of crowd-sourcing media. Post your comments here or reach out to us at Remember, crowd-sourcing only works if you share this with everyone you know! So make sure to share this blog post with all your friends and start contributing to the movement today!

Keep on making great memories,
-your friends at Memolane