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Vanessa Blaylock Shares Her Love of Memolane

This week we are lucky to have guest blogger, Vanessa Blaylock, share her love of Memolane. She is the Managing Editor at iRez: The Virtual Identity Salon, and is a virtual performance artist whose work explores identity and civil rights for avatars. I already forget how long I’ve been using Memolane! It’s been great. I [...]

October 22 / 2012
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Perfecting Pinterest: an interview with Carrie McGann

Source: via Amit on Pinterest   During the last few months a number of our Memolane fans have requested that we support Pinterest. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this service, it is basically a virtual pinboard where you can organize craft ideas, recipes, and your favorite inspirational pictures found on the web. [...]

August 23 / 2012

Crowd-Sourcing the 2012 Olympic Experience

At Memolane, we had the crazy idea that we should crowd-source the Olympic media coverage. We thought it would be bloody brilliant to get Olympic fans who are either in London or watching from afar to share their photos, videos, and posts. Essentially we want to engage the world-wide audience. Intriguing, right? Here’s how you can: [...]

July 27 / 2012
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Goodbye Old Friends, Hello Facebook Friends

Have you ever thrown the biggest party of the year but no one came on time? Then about 30 seconds before you were going to give up, all of your favorite peeps arrived. Well, we know what that’s like… The wait is over! We said sayonara to our “friends” and upgraded to yours. Starting today you can create [...]

June 14 / 2012
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What Moment in Your Life Would You Relive?

We found this beautiful video by Memoto that asks one simple question: If you could relive one moment in your life, what would it be? Share your favorite memories that Memolane helped you relive.

June 07 / 2012
Author Katie
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At Memolane we watch a lot of documentaries in our spare time

At Memolane we watch a lot of documentaries in our spare time, and it is no surprise that we are fascinated and intrigued by people who are devoted to documenting the world around us. The other day I came across the film “Bill Cunningham New York” by Richard Press. I am in awe of Bill, [...]

A Featured Lane Q&A with Sports Event Organizer Rasmus Johnsen

The Cold Hawaii team pictured clockwise from the bottom left: Rasmus Johnsen, Roberto Hofmann (live commentator), Richard Page (PWA tour manager), Duncan Coombs (PWA head judge), Hugo Lewis (PWA event manager), and Robert Sand (project manager, KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup). (photo courtesy of Rasmus Johnsen) Rasmus Johnsen is working to create a new kind [...]

Memolane for Events: Tips for Making Great Wedding Memories

We’ve always thought that Memolane has great potential to be a powerful tool for telling the story of events like festivals and sports tournaments as well as more intimate affairs like weddings, graduations, and family reunions. This past weekend I had the opportunity to test out Memolane for telling the story of a relative’s wedding. [...]

Check out Brooklyn-based new media artist Andrea Wolf

We found Brooklyn-based new media artist Andrea Wolf and her amazing video installation pieces on Kickstarter, one of our favorite sites on the interwebs. Andrea’s video was an instant hit with us, not only for her creative use of found footage, miniature sets, projection, and music, but also because we have never seen anything quite [...]

“From This Moment On”

Sitting here at my computer listening to my favorite Diana Krall tunes brings back great memories of when I saw her perform live in July of this year. This is what Memolane is all about – re-living great memories, sharing them with friends, and making history together. Today we are increasingly active on the web [...]

November 03 / 2010