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Stellar Memolane Updates

We’ve done it again…we’ve come up with some stellar Memolane updates that we hope you’ll enjoy. Explore Bar Our team created an epic explore bar to enable our favorite guilty pleasure…following our friends and people we admire. Now you can stay up to date on everything your friends do with Memolane! You can also follow your [...]

September 12 / 2012
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A Slideshow of your Memories

For the past few weeks the Memolane team has been cooking up some stunning redesigns. We gave you guys a sneak peak recently when we released the “small memos”.  Showing content on an embedded lane is more beautiful than ever : ) What we are even more excited to show you is our expanded memo, [...]

August 21 / 2012
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Memolane’s Marvelous Mobile

Last week was wicked awesome. I ran into Sarah, an old friend of mine, and we started talking about a Jack Johnson concert that we went to five years ago. We were extremely lucky and were able to snag front row seats (i.e. we got there 3 hrs ahead of time for general admission). The [...]

July 25 / 2012
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WordPress Plug-in for Memolane Embedded

Want to show off all your social media content in one, unified place on your WordPress blog? We also wanted to, which is why we worked with the wonderful people at WordPress to make a short code for embedding possible. Now you can embed your Memolane stories into posts, pages, and text widgets. Check [...]

July 17 / 2012

Lost memories? No problem, we invented the MemoSearch!

This past weekend my friends and I took a road trip to beautiful Bishop, California for some rock climbing. It was a three day excursion filled with roadmap mishaps, “interesting” dining locations, and postcard-perfect scenery. We’d all visited Bishop together before and we wanted to relive our previous adventures together. Unfortunately we couldn’t remember the exact dates [...]

July 06 / 2012

Goodbye Old Friends, Hello Facebook Friends

Have you ever thrown the biggest party of the year but no one came on time? Then about 30 seconds before you were going to give up, all of your favorite peeps arrived. Well, we know what that’s like… The wait is over! We said sayonara to our “friends” and upgraded to yours. Starting today you can create [...]

June 14 / 2012
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The New Memolane Helps You Relive Favorite Moments

Wouldn’t it be wicked cool if you could create a lane of all your favorite summer memories? Wait, wouldn’t it be even cooler if you could create a lane where both you and your friends rediscover your favorite summer memories together? No worries because Memolane has got you covered. Today we released a simplified website [...]

April 20 / 2012

Public Google+ posts premier on Memolane

We’re excited to welcome Google+ into the family of services that we support on Memolane. There has been a lot of interest in our forums to see Google+ added to Memolane, and the wait is finally over. Google+ works a bit differently than some of our other service integrations. When you add Google+ to your [...]

March 28 / 2012
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A New Way to Create Lanes – Keywords

When our CEO Eric Lagier first had the idea for Memolane, it was primarily to create a tool that he could use to look back at the history of his family. He and his wife Chloe take a lot of photos of their daughters with their iphones and share them with each other and their [...]

March 11 / 2012

MemoMail, Facebook Connect, and Android News

We’ve been working on some exciting new things here at Memolane. 1) We have created a nifty new email reminder that goes back in time on your lanes and sends you a snapshot of your past that we call MemoMail. We’ve been testing it with a small group of users before rolling it out to [...]

March 01 / 2012
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