Tag: Eric Lagier

The New Memolane Helps You Relive Favorite Moments

Wouldn’t it be wicked cool if you could create a lane of all your favorite summer memories? Wait, wouldn’t it be even cooler if you could create a lane where both you and your friends rediscover your favorite summer memories together? No worries because Memolane has got you covered. Today we released a simplified website [...]

April 20 / 2012

A New Way to Create Lanes – Keywords

When our CEO Eric Lagier first had the idea for Memolane, it was primarily to create a tool that he could use to look back at the history of his family. He and his wife Chloe take a lot of photos of their daughters with their iphones and share them with each other and their [...]

March 11 / 2012

A Featured Embed Q&A with Ed Celis of TableTracker.com

This is part of an ongoing series of Q&A interviews with members of the Memolane community who are doing amazing things with lanes and stories. We announced support for WordPress.com blogs on Memolane, and support for embedded memolanes on WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress blogs on Thursday, so it seems very fitting to share TableTracker.com’s story [...]

“From This Moment On”

Sitting here at my computer listening to my favorite Diana Krall tunes brings back great memories of when I saw her perform live in July of this year. This is what Memolane is all about – re-living great memories, sharing them with friends, and making history together. Today we are increasingly active on the web [...]

November 03 / 2010