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A Slideshow of your Memories

For the past few weeks the Memolane team has been cooking up some stunning redesigns. We gave you guys a sneak peak recently when we released the “small memos”.  Showing content on an embedded lane is more beautiful than ever : ) What we are even more excited to show you is our expanded memo, [...]

August 21 / 2012
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Goodbye Old Friends, Hello Facebook Friends

Have you ever thrown the biggest party of the year but no one came on time? Then about 30 seconds before you were going to give up, all of your favorite peeps arrived. Well, we know what that’s like… The wait is over! We said sayonara to our “friends” and upgraded to yours. Starting today you can create [...]

June 14 / 2012
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A Featured Story Q&A with Citrus Lane’s CEO Mauria Finley

We think of the Memolane team as a big family, and beyond our core members there are quite a few Memolane significant others, kids, and nieces and nephews, which is why everyone was excited when we discovered that e-commerce start-up Citrus Lane had joined the Memolane community. Citrus Lane is a subscription service for new [...]

Music on Memolane: Iration

We are huge fans of Iration at Memolane, not only because they were one of the first bands to embed a Memolane on their blog, but also because they make incredible music and they do all of their own social media. Micah Pueschel and Adam Taylor were kind enough to take some time out of [...]

New to Memolane: Facebook Pages

Memolane isn’t just for your personal social media anymore, now we support the services you need to establish memolanes for companies, schools, non-profits, volunteer groups, bands, sports teams, publications, clubs, events, and more. Help your community keep pace with your brand at their own speed by providing a one-stop resource for information about your company [...]

June 07 / 2011
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A Featured Story Q&A with the IAAC’s Tom Zydel

This is part of an ongoing series of Q&A interviews with members of the Memolane community who are doing amazing things with lanes and stories. We came across the IAAC’s story of the MAA Research Trips 2011 and were intrigued by the daily check-ins around the world, the architectural photographs, and the mix of tweets [...]

A Guide to Online Services on Memolane

Online social media and sharing services are what Memolane is all about. We organize all the content you have written, photographed, and shared through those services chronologically in one interactive timeline. Each tweet, Facebook update, Flickr photo, and song listened to on Last.fm becomes a memo on your Memolane – the history of your online [...]

December 01 / 2010