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Memolane’s Timeline of Your Life (more than just your Facebook posts)

Here at Memolane we do not claim to be first with a timeline concept, but we do think that time is the perfect tool to organize social media. What you see pass through your social media applications every day is the tip of the iceberg. Memolane takes a dive with our users to show them what [...]

Memolane for Events: Tips for Making Great Wedding Memories

We’ve always thought that Memolane has great potential to be a powerful tool for telling the story of events like festivals and sports tournaments as well as more intimate affairs like weddings, graduations, and family reunions. This past weekend I had the opportunity to test out Memolane for telling the story of a relative’s wedding. [...]

Music on Memolane: Iration

We are huge fans of Iration at Memolane, not only because they were one of the first bands to embed a Memolane on their blog, but also because they make incredible music and they do all of their own social media. Micah Pueschel and Adam Taylor were kind enough to take some time out of [...]

A Featured Story Q&A with Joe Stainbrook

This is part of an ongoing series of Q&A interviews with members of the Memolane community who are doing amazing things with lanes and stories. We found Joe and Mike’s story when we were sorting through stories on Memolane with the keywords “road trip.” Needless to say we were blown away by all the check-ins, [...]

May 19 / 2011

A Featured Story Q&A with the IAAC’s Tom Zydel

This is part of an ongoing series of Q&A interviews with members of the Memolane community who are doing amazing things with lanes and stories. We came across the IAAC’s story of the MAA Research Trips 2011 and were intrigued by the daily check-ins around the world, the architectural photographs, and the mix of tweets [...]

Introducing Per Memo Privacy and Lane Views

We are very pleased to announce that Memolane now has per memo privacy. This means that you can set the privacy of each of your memos individually. We have received a lot of feedback from Flickr, Facebook, and Foursquare users who would like to maintain the privacy of their off-the-grid check-ins, and private photos and [...]

A Bit Later Than Expected, the New Privacy Features are Live!

We’ve been hard at work on some exciting changes to the privacy features on Memolane. We listened to your feedback about wanting to keep your private photos and check-ins private and we have designed a new way to organize your privacy that we hope will provide you with greater freedom and flexibility to share your [...]

January 12 / 2011

A Guide to Online Services on Memolane

Online social media and sharing services are what Memolane is all about. We organize all the content you have written, photographed, and shared through those services chronologically in one interactive timeline. Each tweet, Facebook update, Flickr photo, and song listened to on Last.fm becomes a memo on your Memolane – the history of your online [...]

December 01 / 2010