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Goodbye Old Friends, Hello Facebook Friends

Have you ever thrown the biggest party of the year but no one came on time? Then about 30 seconds before you were going to give up, all of your favorite peeps arrived. Well, we know what that’s like… The wait is over! We said sayonara to our “friends” and upgraded to yours. Starting today you can create [...]

June 14 / 2012
Author Memolane
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Public Google+ posts premier on Memolane

We’re excited to welcome Google+ into the family of services that we support on Memolane. There has been a lot of interest in our forums to see Google+ added to Memolane, and the wait is finally over. Google+ works a bit differently than some of our other service integrations. When you add Google+ to your [...]

March 28 / 2012
Author Memolane
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One Lane, Two Lanes, Red Lanes, Blue Lanes: Embedded Memolanes

Today I want to introduce a new feature that we have been working on. It is one of those small things that might just make a huge impact on how you use your lane: Embedded Memolanes. A note to Safari users: If any of the embedded lanes below do not appear, you can view the [...]

April 18 / 2011
Author Nikolaj
Category Guides
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Introducing Per Memo Privacy and Lane Views

We are very pleased to announce that Memolane now has per memo privacy. This means that you can set the privacy of each of your memos individually. We have received a lot of feedback from Flickr, Facebook, and Foursquare users who would like to maintain the privacy of their off-the-grid check-ins, and private photos and [...]