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Stellar Memolane Updates

We’ve done it again…we’ve come up with some stellar Memolane updates that we hope you’ll enjoy. Explore Bar Our team created an epic explore bar to enable our favorite guilty pleasure…following our friends and people we admire. Now you can stay up to date on everything your friends do with Memolane! You can also follow your [...]

September 12 / 2012
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Perfecting Pinterest: an interview with Carrie McGann

Source: someecards.com via Amit on Pinterest   During the last few months a number of our Memolane fans have requested that we support Pinterest. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this service, it is basically a virtual pinboard where you can organize craft ideas, recipes, and your favorite inspirational pictures found on the web. [...]

August 23 / 2012

A Slideshow of your Memories

For the past few weeks the Memolane team has been cooking up some stunning redesigns. We gave you guys a sneak peak recently when we released the “small memos”.  Showing content on an embedded lane is more beautiful than ever : ) What we are even more excited to show you is our expanded memo, [...]

August 21 / 2012
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Crowd-Sourcing the 2012 Olympic Experience

At Memolane, we had the crazy idea that we should crowd-source the Olympic media coverage. We thought it would be bloody brilliant to get Olympic fans who are either in London or watching from afar to share their photos, videos, and posts. Essentially we want to engage the world-wide audience. Intriguing, right? Here’s how you can: [...]

July 27 / 2012
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Memolane’s Marvelous Mobile

Last week was wicked awesome. I ran into Sarah, an old friend of mine, and we started talking about a Jack Johnson concert that we went to five years ago. We were extremely lucky and were able to snag front row seats (i.e. we got there 3 hrs ahead of time for general admission). The [...]

July 25 / 2012
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WordPress Plug-in for Memolane Embedded

Want to show off all your social media content in one, unified place on your WordPress blog? We also wanted to, which is why we worked with the wonderful people at WordPress to make a short code for embedding possible. Now you can embed your Memolane stories into WordPress.com posts, pages, and text widgets. Check [...]

July 17 / 2012

We don’t all live in London

Not located in Greenwich, the village outside of London? Funny, neither are we. Now you can set your own time zone preferences for your memos. Here’s how: Find the dropdown tab in the top right corner, then click on . You will be directed to this page Click on “International” to set your time zone preferences. You [...]

July 12 / 2012
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Lost memories? No problem, we invented the MemoSearch!

This past weekend my friends and I took a road trip to beautiful Bishop, California for some rock climbing. It was a three day excursion filled with roadmap mishaps, “interesting” dining locations, and postcard-perfect scenery. We’d all visited Bishop together before and we wanted to relive our previous adventures together. Unfortunately we couldn’t remember the exact dates [...]

July 06 / 2012

Help Memolane Make Your Music Site Better

WHO: music reviewers and musicians with a website WHAT: We want to help you display your social media in a way that fits your site’s aesthetics. First we need to hear from YOU. What do you hate/love about Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud info on your site? We would love to examine your workflow and hear what [...]

June 22 / 2012

Love it or Hate it, We Want to Know!

How’s it going? There have been a lot of changes at Memolane recently and we want to know what ones you love or hate. Come hang out with us and share your thoughts. Email katie@memolane.com if you are interested. WHO: Memolane fans, new users, and even people who haven’t heard of us WHERE: Memolane HQ [...]

June 15 / 2012