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A Slideshow of your Memories

For the past few weeks the Memolane team has been cooking up some stunning redesigns. We gave you guys a sneak peak recently when we released the “small memos”.  Showing content on an embedded lane is more beautiful than ever : ) What we are even more excited to show you is our expanded memo, [...]

August 21 / 2012
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A Featured Lane Q&A with Festival Media Maven Hannah Suarez

The first time I heard of Hannah Suarez I was immediately in awe of her mad organizational and communication skills. Hannah heads up online marketing for two of the major music and cultural festivals in Australia. I’m not talking just a weekend of shows, but nearly a month of simultaneous festival programming among venues that [...]

Memolane for Events: Tips for Making Great Wedding Memories

We’ve always thought that Memolane has great potential to be a powerful tool for telling the story of events like festivals and sports tournaments as well as more intimate affairs like weddings, graduations, and family reunions. This past weekend I had the opportunity to test out Memolane for telling the story of a relative’s wedding. [...]

We proudly present Rufus Wainwright on Memolane

The Memolane team continues to work hard to add new features and forge new partnerships, and today we are excited to share a ground-breaking new venture with Universal Music UK. Together we have created an interactive timeline of Rufus Wainwright’s career. From photos of his childhood, to a complete catalog of all his album releases, [...]

Check out Brooklyn-based new media artist Andrea Wolf

We found Brooklyn-based new media artist Andrea Wolf and her amazing video installation pieces on Kickstarter, one of our favorite sites on the interwebs. Andrea’s video was an instant hit with us, not only for her creative use of found footage, miniature sets, projection, and music, but also because we have never seen anything quite [...]

See, Search and Share your life – It’s as simple as that.

Today is yet another great day in the life of Memolane. We are opening the gates to the world. With the public launch of Memolane, you can now travel in time to relive great memories and the emotions they evoke. From sentimental stories to shared experiences, Memolane is your life as you live it. Memolane [...]

March 08 / 2011
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My Favorite Vimeo Memory

This week we are excited to announce that we have added support for Vimeo to Memolane. While searching through my “liked” Vimeo videos on my Memolane I came across one video in particular that put a new perspective to my trip home and my family memories. I have been working from my childhood home in [...]

February 23 / 2011

The Story of YouTube on Memolane

If you are anything like me, an active user of many types of online social media and platforms, you soon find that, although much of your personal history is available online, it is disjointed and scattered over many separate sites. Also, many social media sites today have a very short “memory” in the sense that [...]