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Memolane’s Timeline of Your Life (more than just your Facebook posts)

Here at Memolane we do not claim to be first with a timeline concept, but we do think that time is the perfect tool to organize social media. What you see pass through your social media applications every day is the tip of the iceberg. Memolane takes a dive with our users to show them what [...]

A Featured Lane Q&A with Sports Event Organizer Rasmus Johnsen

The Cold Hawaii team pictured clockwise from the bottom left: Rasmus Johnsen, Roberto Hofmann (live commentator), Richard Page (PWA tour manager), Duncan Coombs (PWA head judge), Hugo Lewis (PWA event manager), and Robert Sand (project manager, KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup). (photo courtesy of Rasmus Johnsen) Rasmus Johnsen is working to create a new kind [...]