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WordPress Plug-in for Memolane Embedded

Want to show off all your social media content in one, unified place on your WordPress blog? We also wanted to, which is why we worked with the wonderful people at WordPress to make a short code for embedding possible. Now you can embed your Memolane stories into WordPress.com posts, pages, and text widgets. Check [...]

July 17 / 2012

MemoMail, Facebook Connect, and Android News

We’ve been working on some exciting new things here at Memolane. 1) We have created a nifty new email reminder that goes back in time on your lanes and sends you a snapshot of your past that we call MemoMail. We’ve been testing it with a small group of users before rolling it out to [...]

March 01 / 2012
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Join us in Welcoming WordPress.com to Memolane!

Memolane is excited to welcome all the WordPress.com bloggers out there to explore their blogs as they never have before – on a Memolane! Whether you blog to keep track of your travels, your fashion sense, your culinary adventures, or your journey through parenthood, you can now see you blog posts on a Memolane surrounded [...]

See, Search and Share your life – It’s as simple as that.

Today is yet another great day in the life of Memolane. We are opening the gates to the world. With the public launch of Memolane, you can now travel in time to relive great memories and the emotions they evoke. From sentimental stories to shared experiences, Memolane is your life as you live it. Memolane [...]

March 08 / 2011
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← ↑ → ↓ Mastering the Navigation of your MemolaneYou have set up your Memolane and added all your on

← ↑ → ↓ Mastering the Navigation of your Memolane You have set up your Memolane and added all your online services, and maybe signed up for a few new ones as well, but how do you easily navigate back in time and relive these great memories? In this video tutorial we will show you [...]

December 16 / 2010